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Previous View Function
When I navigate through multiple page PDF files using Acrobat with MANY pages, especially when jumping many pages ahead either by page number or using a link, it is nice to be able to use the “Previous View” button in Acrobat to get me back to where I started from without having to remember what that page number was.
Or having to click backwards one page at a time…
It would be nice if MobileSheets could add that function as a “Touch Action” or possibly as a button on the PDF Bookmarks Window.
My application is I have several Fake Books in my database as a single file with a master index covering all Fake Books because I DON’T want them in my database as individual songs for a lot of reasons. I created links to the PDF pages from the master index which works great in MobileSheets however, it gets a little messy if I go to one song from a certain page in the index and wish to get back to that certain index page without starting all over.
The “Previous View” button (versus the Previous Page button) in Acrobat accomplishes that nicely, the available touch actions for page turning in MobileSheets not so much…
…unless I am missing something.
That seems doable if I just store whatever page was previously viewed and allow you to return to that. The assumption is, if you jumped from page 5 to page 300, let's say, then turned to page 301, activating the "Previous View" action would just go back to page 300. Is that how it works? Or is it more complex than that, and it stores the first page from a link was triggered or from where a "go to page" type action was initiated to skip many pages ahead?

That's pretty much how it works in Acrobat.

In your scenario, jumping from 5 to 300 then to 301 first takes you back to 300, then on a second click back to page 5.
So I would basically need to keep a list of every page that was viewed so that they could be viewed in reverse order. It's basically like an undo/redo list in the sense that, if you go back two views then go to a different page, you couldn't go forward to those last views - they have been removed from the stack. Does Adobe also support a corresponding action like "Next View" so that you can return to pages you were just viewing?

Yes, it's called "Next View," represented by a blue arrow pointing right as opposed to "Previous View" that is a left pointing blue arrow.

"Previous Page" and "Next Page" are represented by up & down black arrows respectively along with "Show First Page (Home)" and "Show Last Page (End)" represented by black up & down arrows respectively with lines over the points.

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