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Embedded Tuner
FWIW. I don't love subscriptions (my cable, internet, etc, is enough).

Would rather just pay a little more without having a monthly charge.
Agree with above - will pay more gladly but enough monthly fees. The program is a bargain!

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I really appreciate the feedback and support guys. Pricing is such a difficult thing to get right. I don't want to scare away new customers by charging too much, and I want to stay competitive compared to similar products. Once I release more of the features I have planned (v5 and onward), I think I can justify another price increase, which will help support development a lot. As it stands, I couldn't really survive on MobileSheets income, hence why I have to keep working a day job. Maybe in the future, if things go well, I could support it full time. It's definitely a dream of mine at the moment...

Keep doing what your doing. Your willingness to listen and respond to user concerns will make you better in the long run. My bet is that you will exceed your expectations sooner rather than later.

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And what about to add option to donate to you some extra money (PayPal, etc) if the customer likes your app a lot? Or is it possible already?

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Thanks gman, I appreciate that.

I will always graciously accept paypal donations at mzuber23@hotmail.com. I am so thankful for the support you all have given me, and the great suggestions that continue to make the app better. I'll keep working hard to make MobileSheets the best sheet music app around.

This is an old thread and request and I want to revive it because at a recent performance I had a need of an in-app tuner for a quick use during performance (like the new quick library window for instance).

Normally I'm pretty against bloating a perfectly fine und functioning app and I think one should rather use dedicated apps for special uses. And since I play keyboard I won't need a tuner for myself. But during that performance a reed player and a bass player got so out of tune during the second half without noticing I wished for an in-app tuner for a quick self correction without getting the setlist or the song out of sight.

I don't know if the financial aspect discussed in the earlier posts is still valid and I hope your sales on the three platforms are strong anyway, but I also think nobody would mind an in.app purchase or even a dedicated MS-Tuner app if it integrates in MS well.
The financial aspect isn't really the issue anymore - it's just time. I have so many feature requests that I'm working through, and it takes a while when each one has to be implemented on three platforms. The customer support is consuming a good portion of each day as well, which slows down development. Adding a tuner is certainly on my list of things to do - it's not a matter of "if", but "when".

I just sent you a donation via PayPal.  As others have said, this program provides tremendous value.

By the way, my donation is intended to push the tuner implementation  Smile  Smile
Thanks Steve - greatly appreciated.
Brand new user here, literally only 4 days ago, and I'd really like a tuner inclusion.  I'm using a brand new Boox Tab X and the standard tuners on the Play Store all expect colour...  I can't do colour...  So a builtin monochrome friendly tuner would be awesome.

Still learning Mobilesheets, but I'm happy with what I've found.  The clincher for me was using the trial version to play at my son's wedding a few days ago.  It was the acid test I needed to prove both the Tab X and Mobilesheets - both passed with flying, umm, monochrome?  Big Grin
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(06-14-2012, 12:49 PM)Zubersoft Wrote: I like this idea. I have to be honest about this - I'm not sure I can afford to give away new features like this, as I'm currently spending quite a lot of time for little profit.  I'm okay with it for now, because I promised a lot of functionality that I haven't delivered on yet. Once I finish annotations and work off some of the older feature requests, I'm going to need to look for new avenues to keep myself funded. I really want to keep supporting this app for a long time, but if I stop getting new users, I have no source of income. I may have to explore having purchasable add-ons. I would be interested to hear if my users would be willing to pay something like $.50 or a $1.00 for things like a tuner, virtual keyboard (if possible), etc.  I'll be posting more in the future to get feedback on this.

I would happily pay for an embedded tuner so it was all part of the package.

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