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Share annotations between tablets
First of all, I've been using MS Pro on a daily basis for many years now, it has really changed my musican's life and I think it's a true masterpiece of a software.
My current setup is a pair of Galaxy Note pro 12.2 tablets, I haven't found beeter devices so far.
It happens that at the moment, I have a lot of annotations to make on the piece I'm working on, and I would like to find an efficient workflow using two tablets. For now, when I make annotations, I use only one tablet, set page turn mode on one page. I dream of a system that would send the annotations across tablet, maybe in the future?
But for now I have to manually transfer the msf file to the second tablet if I want them to be displayed on both of them, using a cloud service since I've never been able to set up the "WiFi direct" on these devices, and since bluetooth is way too slow for the 200+ pages pdf I'm working on. 
So my question is : is there a better way to work with annotations on two tablets?

I do have plans for synchronizing annotations while using the "Connect Tablets" feature in the future. So that should make things considerably easier once I implement that. For the time being, I would actually suggest using the Sync Library feature instead of using a .msf file. If you have the devices connected over WiFi, that would be best (I've used a cell phone wifi hotspot to do this, for example), but if that is not an option, how are you connecting them to the cloud? As long as they are both connected to the same router, you can use Sync Library->Sync to another device which will let you push changes from one device to the other fairly quickly. At some point I do plan on adding support for filtering to the sync feature, but for now, it will process the entire library.

Thanks Mike for your quick answer.
I don't know why I had forgotten this sync option, which is the quickest by far! 
I still won't be able to use the two tablets when I make many annotations, but it will definitely speed up my workflow.
Can't wait to see the new feature you say you have plans for, that would be a huge improvement.
Congratulations for your work.
I come back to this same thread two years after, I'm still using two tablets in book mode and still struggling with annotations. I often lose annotations because I don't always think about re-copying them on the other tablet, it makes everyone lose a lot of time in rehearsal... 
I wondered if a simple solution wouldn't be to allow annotations to be merged when syncing the tablets. What do you think?
Please see the other forum posts about merging annotations. It presents far too many issues because annotations cannot be uniquely identified, so there is no way to know if one annotation has been modified versus it being a completely new annotation. I recognize that not being able to have the annotations synchronized while using book mode is a major annoyance at the moment, so my goal is to do something about it soon. I'm just working on enhancements now that the iOS version is finished, so I should be able to get this done (whereas I was still working on iOS when we last discussed this).


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