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Lot PDF w CSV on a new tablet, need help before manip !

I have some PDF ( 50 I think )  with csv to integrate into my tablet.

Could you tell me what’s best:

1/Enter the pdf files via MSP windows 10 first and then on the tablet via the PC connection?
2/ The reverse?

Thanks for your help.

As I understand it, you have about 50 separate pdf files, each containing a single song.

If this is the case, you can't use a .csv file to import them.

If any of your pdf's contain multiple songs then these can be imported using a .csv but this can only be associated with one physical pdf file i.e. you can't use one csv to reference multiple pdf files.

Your post implies that you have a Win10 pc and also a tablet. Assuming this is an Android tablet, you could use the Companion to do a batch import (easiest to put all the pdf's in a folder containing nothing else and then batch import everything in the folder).  There are probably other ways of doing a batch import without using the companion but I can't confirm that.

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6

Each pdf is a book that has hundreds of pages.
Each book has its unique csv associated.

I want to know if it is better to start importing via the companion or via the app on the tablet.

Merci !

Ah, That is different.

You need to generate/use a csv file for each book.
Note: If you are lucky, you may find the csv file in the CSVFiles forum on this site (this will save a lot of work).

When you import, you will be need to process each book and it's associated csv file as a single import operation (you won't be able to do several books at once). You can do this with or without the companion.

I suggest you play with a single book to work out what is needed (the format of the csv file can be fiddly until you know what is required - inspect one in the CSVFiles section to see what they have done).
Try to make sure that, when you do the import, you set a relevant collection name to make it easier to identify the files.

After a book import, you will have one physical file with several MSP entries pointing into this file (just as if you had separately imported individual files).
One disadvantage is that, if the book is subject to change, you may have issues if you annotate, crop or set a metronome on an individual song (when the book is subsequently changed, you may have to re enter some or all of this information or perform some other jiggery pokery to try to swap the file)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
thanks for this explications.


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