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Annotating song lists
(I should have posted this yesterday, since it looks like a joke...)

Sometimes the annotations overlay is not correctly removed. See attachment.

I can reproduce this on my Note S4 as follows:

Open a song
Use the stylus and touch the screen. The annotations overlay (menu, tools) appears.
Use the sylus to swipe "Back" (on my Note S4, the back button is configured to be a swipe up).

Often the song list appears, but the annotations overlay stays visible. Menus, dropdows, everything works except no annotations will be made.
Actually, it surprises me that MSPro doesn't crash in this case. Good code, Mike!

Even more... When I then select a song from the list, it opens and the annotations overlay updates for the song so I can start annotating right away...

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johanvromans.nl — hetgeluidvanseptember.nl — mojore.nl -- howsagoin.nl
Samsung Galaxy Note S7FE (T733) 12.4", Android 13.0, AirTurn Duo & Digit (Gigs).
Samsung Galaxy Note S4 (T830) 10.5", Android 10.0 (maintenance and backup).
Samsung A3 (A320FL), Android 8.0.0 (emergency).
Thanks for reporting this. I've added some additional code to try and prevent the annotations mode from being entered if the library screen is shown. That should hopefully be enough to stop this from occurring.


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