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adding chord tabs to sheets (Ukulele)
I am sure, I´m not the first one looking for it but I somehow got lost searching for the right method:
I started using mobilesheets for leadsheets a while ago (before that I used it only for reading real notation for several years).
I´d like to add the tabs of the chord, that I don´t know yet, at the right position in either .cho files or pdf (text + chords).
What is the best method for that?
I found that snipped tool. But as far as I got it I can only make snippets from the same file for copy AND paste, right?
Otherwise it would be great ! I´d just store a complete chord chart of ALL chords I might be able to use in my library and just snip from there to include it in my leadsheet. But either I didn´t get how it works or it´s not possible.
How do others handle that ? (I am sure, I´m not the only one who can´t remember all needed chords at the right time)
Or is it better to create stamps for all chord? How do I do that? is there a tool?

Anyway: I LOVE this App for many years now! It´s really great. (But that´s not a reason for not hoping it might still get a little bit "greater", right? ;-) )

Best regards,
Hello Sabine,

If you have all of your songs in a single setlist, you can page between them while annotating, and that would certainly let you take snippets from the page of one song and paste it in another, so long as a PDF is used for both songs.  You can only use snippets with PDFs, as the image is embedded in the PDF itself. Alternatively, if you use either an image editing program like GIMP or a vector graphics editing program like Inkscape, you can create stamps that you can then place on your pages. Some users drop a blank chord grid on the page and then add circles to indicate the finger positions.

In the future, among the many other enhancements I have planned, I will add the ability to look up chord diagrams, along with the ability to drag & drop those on pages in the annotation editor.


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