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Aggressive Cropping Option
The aggressive cropping option doesn't seem to do what I'd expect it to do. I'd like to automatically eliminate as much as is reasonably possible from the margins of an imported document. I'll give you one example of an image, but in my experience is that this is typical of the results I'm getting. 

The names of the files will tell you which is which. The PDF is the original. I used Finale to export it to a PDF, so there should be no noise in the margins at all. The files called test with and without aggressive cropping were both imported with auto crop set on. They don't look that much different to me. The other file called test with manual cropping is the type of crop I'd like to see - a much closer crop.


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.pdf   Knocking On Heaven's Door Bb inst.pdf (Size: 1.18 MB / Downloads: 3)
I'm also cropping more than "aggressive crop". Is it possible to define the distance from the stave (or from the edge) by user?
I'm producing my own sheets so the measurements are always constant. But I always need to crop more in manual mode.
The aggressive crop option is more aggressive in dealing with noise. It doesn't mean that it will necessarily result in smaller margins around the edge of the score than the standard auto-crop, especially if your document has no noise on the edges. There is currently always a margin of 8 dip (density-independent pixels), which can translate into 20 pixels on a higher resolution device such as the Samsung Tab S4 (20 pixels in the scaled image, not in the raw PDF page size). I'm not opposed to adding an option to control this margin.

(04-21-2021, 02:29 AM)Zubersoft Wrote: I'm not opposed to adding an option to control this margin.


I personally manually cropped over 4k pages already over the years.
My left and right crops/margins are always same so at least I was using "All pages in selected file" in crop settings when I have multiple page PDF.
User margin control would be fantastic and make this already fantastic piece of software even better.
I agree that user margin control would be great. (I might have suggested something similar way back, IIRC).

I additionally suggest an option to control even and odd pages (of scanned books) differently.
So you would want margin settings for both even and odd pages?
Well, I think so.

My original request was to be able to apply a manual crop for one page for all the other pages in a book but. But since due to uneven scanning of some sheet music books I expanded that to difference between even and odd pages.
So you actually have 2 individual manual crops that can be applied to the even and odd pages respectively.

I thought this would make sense for a margin control as well.
Margins varies from publisher to publisher. Older published sheet music would usually have smaller margins at the spine.
But all older sheet music would be scans only where margins would mostly random.

[Image: attachment.php?aid=1625]

Computer generated sheet music (and their PDF outputs) have mostly constant margins on odd and even pages.
I decided that my published PDFs will be digital sheets only and not intended for print (for various reasons).

So for contemporary sheet music with constant margins it would be great to have MSPro setting where you can set your own crops setting in pixels.
Even with "Aggressively crop" setting on I am cropping as much as I can. See my workflow on Youtube:

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So, Mike, would you be able to add this feature - the ability to specify how much margin to use on each of the four sides?

Thanks for all you do.
Yes, I will be able to add that feature at some point. I'm not sure when I will work on it though. I may try to slip it in an update over the next month or two, depending on when the next update is required. Other than critical bug fixes, I'm going to be trying to focus my energy on completing the iOS version next, as I have a huge number of users waiting for that. Once that is completed, I'm going to have more bandwidth to quickly implement enhancements. 

Thank you so much for considering it.
Thank you Mike.
Another idea for cropping which probably is a bit more difficult to implement.

Anyway, there are sometimes scans where the scanner didn't scan single but only the double pages.

So far it was a lot of manual work either to make that into single pages with a PDF editor or "duplicate" the pages
and crop the left and right page respectively to display it as single pages.

Do you think it is possible to make a "double crop" for such pages (prefereably with the margins option) and MSP can recognize and 
display the cropped left and right pages as single pages?

Just a thought.

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