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Crash after Annotation entry (Sometimes)

I am a new user of MobilesheetsPro in the last month or so, and I think it is terrific.

My only usability question would be "Is it possible to make multiple selections of songs and then assign one artist or one genre to that selection"?

My only minor problem is that after adding annotations and trying to return to the Songs or Setlist window, I Get "MobilesheetsPro isn't responding" and I have to close the App.  When I reload, my annotations are there in the song, and I can edit them without a problem.  Strange.  I have 2 Android tablets running Android 8 and 9, and the behaviour is the same on each.

Brian Dagnall
Hello Brian,

You certainly can - on the library screen, long press a song to start selection mode, tap each song you want to modify, then tap "Edit" at the top of the screen. This will bring up the batch edit screen and you can enter the same artist or genre to every song you selected.

I'm definitely concerned about the "MobileSheetsPro isn't responding" message you are getting though. Can you list out the steps you are taking to go from the annotation editing back to the songs or setlist window? Are you just hitting the back button on the tablet? If it's easier, you can take a short video and send that to mike@zubersoft.com so I can see exactly what is going on.

Well that batch edit is very easy and useful.  Thanks for that Mike.

I'm a bit old to be doing videos Mike, shaking hands and all that ...... Hope a description will do.

1   I select my song usually from a Setlist.
2.  I decide that the song needs some annotation.
3.   I tap the screen near the top centre (I adjusted Settings to facilitate this) and the Annotation toolbar shows together with the Radial menu.
4.  I can set up the annotations and edit them as normal.
5.  Using the "Save and Exit" in the Radial or the "X" at top left on the toolbar, the screen reverts to my song with the annotations showing.  Seems perfect.
6.  I wish to return to my Setlist so tap my Tablet Back button.  Often this works fine.  But sometimes the screen freezes and after 10 secs or so, I get the not responding message (see screenshot).  I close the App, restart, and the song with annotations has been saved and can be edited.

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I'm assuming you are working with PDFs, correct? When you load your song, how long does it take for the first page to be displayed? I'm wondering if cleaning up the resources from the PDF is slowing down the app enough that you see an "application not responding" message. If you just click "wait", does the app eventually respond?

Thanks Mike

Yes, my songs are all PDF, but they all seem to load quickly.

Pressing Wait makes no difference since the "isn't responding" message eventually reappears.

Reloading the App is only a little inconvenient and the problem happens maybe 1 in 4 times.  I can't  detect any pattern for the error I'm  afraid.


Brian D
I've definitely never seen that behavior in any of my testing. If you would like me to investigate this further, it would help to have a copy of your library to test with. You can create a library backup under Settings->Backup and Restore->Backup Library, share that file through the cloud and send a link to mike@zubersoft.com. Alternatively, you can export an entire setlist by going to the setlist tab, long pressing it, select Share->Export songs and files and send me the .msf file. This is not quite as good as a backup file though, as it won't include your application settings. 

Thanks Mike.   

I believe  I have sidestepped the problem.   In Settings, I have ticked ALWAYS SHOW THE TITLE BAR. 

So now, i select Annotation Editor from the title bar, and when finished annotating I am returned to the same title bar.  I press the Return arrow top left, and it returns me to the Library apparently  EVERY time.  

As indicated before, using the Android Back arrow did not always return to Library.

Sorry to have been troublesome.  But now everything is working just great for me.


Brian D

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