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updating a song?
I know this is probably a simple operation but I am simply not getting it.
I have a number of songs as PDFs in a set list.
I edit a song on PC, use Bluetooth to upload to my android tablet, then import into MobileSheets.

What I would like to happen is that the new version of the song (file name unchanged) replaces the previous version in the set list.
But this never seems to happen - I get a duplicate and I have to track down which is the old ver and remove it manually.

Any ideas?


When you have a new version of a pdf' do not import it again into Mobilsheets.
Instead, in Mobilesheets select the song (long press it) and then in the overflow menu select 'swap file'.
This will allow you to replace the old pdf by the new one

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Thanks - I'll give it a go.
I works!!!
You also need to do something similar if you use the Companion program to change the file:-

1) Select the file in the Companion window
2) Right Click it and select "swap file" from the popup menu.
During the update, you will be prompted (more than once!) about what to do with the duplicate file - choose Replace.
(I've never understood the difference between the choices on these duplicate file dialogs)

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It's important to understand the distinction between different types of file conflicts in MobileSheetsPro, because while there isn't a one-to-one correlation with files and songs, you can certainly end up in situations where you have two files that happen to have the same name but are different versions of a song. For example, let's say you have multiple versions of the song "Yesterday". When you import yesterday.pdf, if you've never imported that file name before, there will be no conflicts and everything will proceed smoothly. However, if you now import another yesterday.pdf, MobileSheetsPro will recognize that there is already a yesterday.pdf in the storage location, so it asks you what you want to do about it. The companion app has been made a little smarter about this, so it will first ask you if you are actually trying to do a file swap instead of just importing a new file. If you say no, then you have to decide how to handle the file conflict:

1) Overwrite/replace the existing file (this would mess up the first song you created that used yesterday.pdf)
2) Rename the file (so that there is no longer a conflict)
3) Update the existing song with the new file (this is basically the same as performing the swap file operation)

So you can see here, that just overwriting and replacing the existing file is not always what you want to do. That's why I have to display this conflict dialog -  if I just assumed you wanted to update the existing song, that would delete the first version of yesterday.pdf you imported, and you'd probably be pretty unhappy about that. If I just created a new song with every file import and you were just trying to update an existing song by reimporting a new version of an existing file in the library, then you'd be upset about that too. I think that dialog confuses a lot of people though because they are thinking of things either in terms of just songs and not how the files used by those songs are stored, or they think there is a one-to-one correlation of files to songs so if they import a new version of a file, they just assume it should update the existing song in the library. With the "Create Snippet" feature, there could be 50 songs in the library all sharing the same file, so if you update that file, it's going to impact 50 songs potentially.

Thanks for that. 

I'll give it a go.
Checking out the companion app now. I think things are going to be a lot easier for me to work in my familiar Windows environment
Tried to connect the companion app to MobileSheets Pro - but it reports that it needs updating (currently v2.8.2) but the play store is not identifying it as needing an update.
Do you have a windows or android version of MSP i.e. what operating system do on have on the tablet?

The companion runs on a desktop Windows pc; it communicates with the tablet.

You don't need to use Play Store to update it; just click on the update button that it shows when it needs updating (the update dialog might be beneath the connection dialog)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Contact me at mike@zubersoft.com if you are unable to update past version 2.8.2. Normally, you just need to make sure you are logged into the Google Play Store app (don't use a web browser) with the email address you used to purchase MobileSheetsPro, then it should give you an option to update on the MobileSheetsPro store page (or when viewing your installed applications). If this doesn't work for some reason, I will first validate that the correct email address is being used, but if necessary, I can help you update the app outside the Play Store.

None of the options worked for me. On my tablet MobileSheetsPro wasn't showing as needing updating. So I backed it up and uninstalled it. 
Reloading from the Playstore fixed it. Though for some reason I had to pay again.
So now everything is working fine and the Companion is making life a lot easier for me.
Again - a wonderful product

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