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Color of Comments - easy to code but very important!

i am really missing a very simple but for me very important option:
i want to set a color for comments, and i think this would match the need of almost of all users!

it would be nice if this could be implemented in the next release!

Thanks in advance! :-)
Hello all together, hey Mike!

am i really the only one, that is so badly missing this small but (for me) very very important feature? maybe it would help if some of you post here also a message, if you are missing this feature aswell?

right now, the only way to make some text look different from the lyrics is to put in [] what results in funny results like Cridge instead of Bridge if i am transposing.....or to put it in {cb:Bridge} ...which is ugly aswell, to be honest, and also not a nice option for comments like "BREAK" that should be located at the end or in between a lyrics-line for example.

i am really still missing this feature hardly! i am using mobile sheets almost every day, and i am really happy to have it, i think its the best option that is available, but to miss that feature is really really sad and pain in the ass.

...and for me as a guitarist another feature that i am really missing is the chord-definition interpretion

{define: E base-fret 0 frets 0 2 2 1 0 0}

..that should show up as a chord-diagramm.

Mike, any chances you can implement this both, or at least the comment color in the near future?
As a piano player who doesn't sing I would have zero need for this. 

Would be intersting to see what percentage of MSP users are guitar players that want this?

Maybe create a poll?
You can add the Text-Tool with a different color as favorite.
Maybe that's an alternative?
When working with ChordPro files, colours can be added to lyrics and comments using Pango markup (https://www.chordpro.org/chordpro/pango_markup/). This is not yet supported by MSPro but Mike has promised MSPro will support this in the near future.
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@Michael_G: the Texttool from MSP Annotations is not really an alternative as ChordPro is formatted dynamically, annotation positions are not perfectly reliable.

@Learux: ChordPro is not only for guitarists. I play the accordion so I don't need chord diagrams like andi@anditopp.de but I use ChordPro frequently. The main advantage is that songs in ChordPro format can be transposed with a few clicks within MSP.

Since MSP started supporting ChordPro it has got a lot of useful extensions and new features (thank you, Sciurius) that are not yet supported by MSP and have been requested many times. Not only colors for comments are missing, there's also Pango, chord grids, ABC integration and a lot more. Imho a bigger rework of MSPs ChordPro support might be useful. For me, personally, better ChordPro support would be more important than song versioning - but it is absolutely Mike's decision what's next after releasing the iOS version
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@itsme: you're right, chordpro comments are different 
from Mobilesheets annotations. I did not read the post 
carefully enough before answering...

But setting the focus
As Big Band doubler (Sax) song versioning is much preferred over more chordpro features ;-)
(please don't miss the smiley)

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