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Does not exist
Apologies if this has been answered. I'm so confused. My documents which have always loaded, now won't. It says "File /storage/emulated/0/Android/data/com.zubersoft.mobilesheetspro/cache/335527955-Carmen-Micaela-Don-Jose-Duet.pdf does not exist"

I tried searching online and did the settings - more settings - fix broken file paths thing, bit no luck

Can anyone  help?
That sounds to me like something has happened with your storage location that is preventing MobileSheetsPro from copying files correctly once they are downloaded from the cloud. If you go to Settings->Storage->Set MobileSheets Storage Location, what folder do you currently have listed there? You can fix this problem by selecting a different folder, letting MobileSheetsPro move the files as needed, then set the folder back to the original value. This will ensure that MobileSheetsPro properly requests access to the storage location and persists that correctly in the Android storage framework. Then you can import files from the cloud and they should be correctly copied to the storage location. Unfortunately for files that were not able to be copied before, you will have to use the swap file feature to swap in a valid version of the PDF. To do this, long press the song, tap the three dots at the top right, then swap file, then select the file you want to swap in to replace the missing file. If you go to Settings->Other Settings->Find Missing Files, it will list any of the songs with a missing file. You can tap files in the list to swap in a valid file, so that's another way to handle it. Let me know if you have any questions.

Wow - thank you so much. You've solved the problem for me - I was completely at a loss as to what to do. 

I'm not sure why it happened but I'm glad that you've been able to help me. Thank you again and all the best!

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