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Piano Staff / Palm rejection (Using Stylus with Chromebook)
Hi All,

I make a lot of use of the Piano Staff insert when editing, and I use a stylus to write music onto the staff.  But, invariably, I end up leaving a few unwanted smudges when my palm touches the page. Whilst it's easy enough to use the eraser function when in edit mode, it's a real PAIN! I'm using an Acer Chromebook Spin 713, which doesn't seem to have any built-in palm rejection, so I'm wondering if there's a sensitivity control that I'm missing?


Is there any way to move the piano staff to somewhere else on the page, AFTER I've filled it in? 


Have you enabled stylus mode in the settings of the annotation Window? Then the Palm should be ignored.
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The only thing that can effectively eliminate accidental touches would be stylus mode, as McAroni mentioned. The gesture detection code provided by the Android framework does not have any built-in palm rejection, and there aren't even any examples that can be found online for doing that in an effective manner. I do have some code in place that ignores input when the surface area of the touch input exceeds a certain threshold. So that would ignore touch input from a palm if a large part of the palm was touching the screen. If only small parts of the palm touch the screen, that can't be differentiated from a finger, so the palm rejection will not work. If you can get a smart stylus for that device, that would make things much easier for you. 

As far as moving the piano staff, can you not just use the selection tool to draw a box around the entire piano staff, then use the nudge tool to move everything to the new location? 


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