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Hi - I'm new to MobileSheets and using an AirTurn Duo. Not a computer wiz so I have a lot to learn. Still trying to figure out why I'm not seeing the pages clearly in MobileSheets when they're clear and crisp in Adobe Reader. Anyhow, the other thing I'm spending time on is Scrolling. No matter how I change the settings, it does the same thing which is...it turns from page 1 to page 2 with no scrolling. The amount of time on page is very short then it flips the page to 2. No matter how the settings are changed, that's all it does. Thank you.
Which display mode are you currently using (single page, two pages, half page, vertical scrolling)? You can access this by loading a song, tapping the center of the screen, then tapping the display mode icon which is to the left of the page scaling icon with blue arrows. Also, if you go to Settings->Touch & Pedal Settings->Pedal actions, what actions do you have assigned to the pedals? If you have the pedals assigned to "Go to next page" and "Go to previous page", then you are only going to trigger page turns with the pedals. If you change the pedal actions to something like "Scroll Down or turn page at bottom", then you will get scrolling and page turns combined.

Thank you for responding, Mike. I understand. It's the page turning pedal assigned to go to the next or previous page.

By the way, the lack of clarity that I'm getting seems related to the quality of the scanned material. I downloaded a similar program and the music sheets appear the same way in both programs. I'm trying a commercial (better) scanner next to verify. Again, thanks very much.

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