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Backup problems.
Hi everyone!
Hoping you have fun with this app cause its doing cool stuff for me.

Last night as i was preparing some backing tracks then i decided to do a backup 
since i havent done one in a week and many jobs were done.

It took about 8 -9 times .

1- On the first couple attempts, it bugged around 60% but i kept retrying.
For those few first attempts i had time to see the error message and close it by myself.

2-later on it bugged at the end and i didnt have the time to read the error message
which looked like :  cant update onedrive...or dropbox.
Cause of that i think its the MSP

3- My last attempt also got the bug message at the end but a .msb file appeared in onedrive.

I think that this file may be corrupted...or not but how can i make sure?
I will not try it if i need to or that would mean to redo all my MSP works if its corrupted.

The good part is i dont see any urge to reload a backup.
Everything else is still in place.

I saw a patch in the recent days...i think it may come from it 
cause before that patch i was backuping with success every attempt.

Have a great day
Try backing it up to local storage - you may have run out of space on the destination device/folder?

If it is an android tablet and you have windows on a laptop/desktopt, try doing a backup via the companion program

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
both onedrive and dropbox have 5gig free and the backup file is under 2gig
by the way i am trying local file. ill  be back to tell
ok it worked into local file. Took only one minute or so.

in the worst case i have a backup for now but i will keep investigate that for better  safety
than having the backup in the tab. If the android bugs i have no back.
Thank you.
I retried dropbox and got the message that there is no space left. I just checked my dropbox.
It has 5.7% used on 7gig. so the error message is wrong.

I'm sorry to hear you've suddenly started running into issues. Nothing changed in any of the recent updates related to how MobileSheetsPro uploads files to the cloud. It sounds much more like you are encountering connection interruptions that is causing errors in the libraries I use to connect to those cloud services. If you create the backup file on the device itself, you can then use the dedicated Dropbox/Google Drive/OneDrive app or a browser to upload that file to the cloud. Just because the file was created on the device doesn't mean that is the only place you can store the backup file. If you choose the option to backup to the cloud in MobileSheetsPro, it's doing the exact same thing - it creates the backup file on the device, and then it attempts to upload the backup file to the cloud. So the upload piece is where you are encountering problems. I have backed up a 5 GB file to all three cloud services recently for testing, and did not encounter any issues.


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