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Sorting options
There are various ways to order the presentation of items on the screen: alphabetically, numerically, by date order of input, etc. It is possible to sort items randomly under the 'Collections tab', using the 'Shuffle' option but this is not offered under the 'Songs' or 'Setlists' tabs. Why so?

I find it an aid to practising, as it brings up, and prompts me to play, tunes from a large library that I might not otherwise think of or look for.
I suspect the shuffle is not particularly relevant to Songs and Setlists

I have previously created a temporary collection from a set list, shuffled it and then saved the "shuffled" list back to a different setlist (then delete the temporary collection)
You could do something similar with Songs - select them, create a collection, shuffle it and save as a setlist  
Note: saving it as a setlist means that the order is preserved should one try other sorting options on the collection

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I don't allow group types to be shuffled (meaning a random ordering of setlists on the setlists tab, for example), but you can certainly shuffle songs within a setlist. Just tap the setlist to view the songs, tap the sort order at the top and change it to shuffle. 

I don't allow the songs tab to be shuffled because it didn't really make sense to me to support that. You can tap the ? icon to load a random song, or you can long press a song to select it, tap the select all icon at the bottom right, tap the three dots at the top right, tap Create Setlist from Songs, then change the sort order for that setlist to shuffle. That will effectively do the same thing and you can delete the setlist when you are done with it if desired.

Thanks Mike: I see that the second process you suggest does what I want.  One Q, though: I can't see the '? icon' you refer to.  Where do I find it?
It's at the bottom of the list of letters on the right side (or left side if you changed that in the settings).

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