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Separate songs in two page mode setting
I can't seem to get the "Separate songs in two page mode" option to work. I'm in landscape mode with a setlist loaded with page turn mode set to 1.

Right now, if I swipe right while the last page of the current song is displayed on the right hand half of the screen, it jumps two pages and displays the first two pages of the next song. I want it to just move one page. Maybe I've got another setting somewhere causing this?
The separate songs in two page mode will just ensure that two pages from different songs are not displayed at once. If you turn from the last page of one song to the starting page of another song, it's going to go back to displaying two pages at once (because it's the two page display mode). There is no option to display only one page from the next song when switching songs. So you'll have to choose whether you prefer to have the songs separated, or prefer to always only turn one page at a time.

If I have two songs in a playlist: A & B with 3 pages each and this is displayed on the screen: [A1][A2] and I tap the screen (or hit the pedal, swipe, etc.) to turn one page forward, I get: [A2][A3] (perfect!). Then, when I tap again, I get: [B1][B2] when what I want is [A3][B1]. This is a problem for me because I am often playing at the top of page 3 and if I don't realize it's the last page of the song (because I'm not familiar enough with the song and I haven't looked down the page yet) and I come to a nice page-turning spot and tap the screen, all of a sudden, the whole song is gone and I'm scrambling to go back instead of just looking left and finishing the song.

The "Separate songs..." setting has no effect on this behavior whether it's checked or not. What is this setting controlling if not this functionality?
The separate songs in two page mode feature is the only thing that should impact what you are describing. If you have the page turn mode set to turn one page at a time, and separate songs in two page mode is disabled, then it should go [A1][A2] -> [A2][A3] -> [A3][B1]. I just tested this with one of my setlists on my Android device, and it operates in exactly that fashion. If you are saying the app is behaving differently for you, then I will need to see a short video demonstrating the issue, as I'm not sure what is different about your setup.


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