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chordpro maximum font size
Hi thank you so much for your great program. I recently acquired an iPad with OnSong for lyric projection but I'm attached to MSP and don't want to migrate yet! Would you please consider the following:

1. increase the maximum chordpro font size to maybe 80 or more? I need this for the lyrics and chorus - it's my workaround to projecting just the lyrics via HDMI.

2. separate comment font size control (c, ci, cb)? Currently is attached to lyric size.

and these would be great bonuses:

3. option to disable displaying lyric label ("Verse", "Chorus" from sov/soc). This saves screen space for lyric projection.

4. "Comment Color" control to adjust opacity (same as "Chord Color"). This makes a cleaner screen for lyric projection.

Thank you so much!

Hello John,

Yes, I can certainly consider making those changes. Having said that, when I put the font size at 60, I can usually only fit 3-4 words per line horizontally, and about 12 lines vertically. At a font size of 80, that would result in about 1-2 words per line max and probably about 6 lines vertically. If I flip the tablet to landscape, then you could fit about two lines with about 4 words per line. You really need it that large? I may need to understand your setup better.

I may need to consider changing the layout of the text display settings dialog though, as it is already large enough on some devices that you have to scroll through the settings as it all can't fit. I'll have to see if I can come up with a layout that will support more settings without it becoming too tedious to navigate.

Hi Mike!

Yes 60 looks pretty standard for lyric projection and in lyric videos but one of the churches I play at can only get the screen to be about 4 feet wide, starting at 8ft above the ground. At 25-50+ft back (landscape mode) it's readable but not ideal (wall is a color pattern too). I'm not sure if my screen scaling is matching yours but I get about 8 rows with 8 words and chords. The ability to go even double the size would be nice. Here's a shot of my chromebook screen (1366x768) with lyrics and chorus at 60:

[Image: Screenshot-2022-01-25-8-03-05-PM.png]

I understand with the layout. Whatever you think is best. Thanks again Mike I really appreciate it!
I've increased the max to 100 for the next update as that was an easy adjustment. The others will be more involved (either due to UI changes or having to get translations for all 15 languages), so they will be included in a future update.

outstanding thank you! no problem, this is enough to hold us over for a while!

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