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Smart Button Reorder / Pick List
So, I have 2 features I'd love to see.  One I think relatively simple, one less so.

Some background, I use MobileSheets and more specifically Smart Buttons to send Midi commands to control the lights for our band.  The buttons are interspersed throughout the song detail, and I trigger them with a PageFlip Dragonfly Bluetooth pedal.

The easier request...  Since the pedal action Activate Next/Previous Smart Action follows the order of the Smart Buttons in the Smart Button list and not their physical location in the song, it would be great if the Smart Button list could have drag reorder capabilities much like other lists (e.g., Links, Setlist, etc.)  This would allow for additions / changes to Midi actions to be triggered at specific points in the song.

The less easy request...  Since I would have a somewhat finite set of button actions, usually comprised of multiple Midi commands to be sent, it would be really helpful to have something similar to Midi Actions under Midi Settings to establish either pre-defined buttons with multiple actions, or pre-defined sets of Midi commands which could then be pulled in when adding a new Smart Button, or an action for a Smart Button.

Hope this makes and look forward to your informed consideration.
I can certainly look into making the list reorderable in one of the next couple updates. I get feedback quite often to provide to support templates or favorites for MIDI commands and smart buttons, as I know it's tedious to have to recreate those, so that's certainly on my list of things to do. I'm still going to have to focus on getting the iOS version finished first before I can work on it, but it will definitely be slated for an update a little while after that.

Thanks for the feedback,

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