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search empty field?
Is it possible, to do as search on a field, that has not yet an entry?
Like: I would like to see just songs having not yet a key-entry
Click the key dropdown on the library screen, change the mode to "Unassigned" and then you will only see songs that have not been assigned a key.

Thank you again, Mike.
I tried it with the custom2-Field, where I now have songnumbers, but for a few songs not yet.

In library screen search I select custom2, in Typ I select unassigned. What I see are all entries, even those with numbers in custom2

When in type I select assigned, no single hit is shown.

Do I understand something wrong? I want to get all songs without an entry in custom2.
That will not work. Source Type is a completely separate field like "Key". All you did in that example is change what the search text will check against and then filtered on songs that don't have a source type unassigned. You can't currently search for any song that does not have a value in the custom 2 field. There is no support for that. The "unassigned" filter only applies to the group types, i.e. collection, album, genre, source type, key, year, custom group, etc. You could rename the "Custom Group" field and use that instead of custom 2, and that would work for what you are trying to do.

OK, Thank you Mike. It seems, that this feature is not asked very often...;-)

A workaround: I put this field into the start of the filename. Then by sorting in library one can see them easily

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