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Adding pages to a song from a pdf
My scheme for getting my music into msp (I see that's the abbreviation everyone uses here, so I'll try to be one of the cool kids too!) is to either rip the bookmarks out of a pdf or scan/retype the table of contents, then put that into a spreadsheet and create a csv.  That gives me the initial page number of each song.

Boot Scootin' Boogie;45;Line dance

In the interest of efficiency I don't bother to page through the pdf at this point to find the end page of a multi-page song before importing the csv.  I figure I'll want to do some page cropping when I get around to playing it so I might as well do all of the fix-up at that point.

Then I get to where I'm going to play this from msp for the first time and the first thing I need to do is get it to show me all of the pages.  So is Boot Scootin' Boogie 4 pages long or 5?  Maybe 3?  6? I go to the files tab and change the pages to be 45-50, click the forward arrow enough times to find out I put in one too many and re-enter the pages as 45-49.

Question:  Is there a way to preview that or somehow just start moving forward through the pdf from page 45 until I find the end and could tell the program "this is the last page" without having to keep re-entering new numbers as the end page until I actually find it?

The work-around is to enter more pages than it could possibly be and then scroll back through that little preview window until I get to the actual end, then enter that number as the end number, but it seems inefficient.
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As already stated: imho the fastest way is to fix pages in the CSV before importing into MSP.
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Indeed, but if there was a box to check to tell that little window to allow you to scroll past the page that's currently specified as being "last", you could just scroll along through the pdf and when you got to the last page you could uncheck that box and it would then become the last page.  Smile

The current method involves either manually checking the pdf before importing it so you can specify the last page (deriving the page number by subtracting from the start of the next song doesn't work because two or more pieces could be on the same page) or a lot of going back and forth and typing numbers in msp.

It works this way; works fine.  But there's some wasted motion there....
If you're a zombie and you know it, bite your friend!
We got both kinds of music: Country AND Western
I'm going to add an image/thumbnail preview to the page ordering to make it easier to understand what the end result will be. This should make it easier for you to adjust the page orders without having to do what you've described in the future. 


If you're a zombie and you know it, bite your friend!
We got both kinds of music: Country AND Western

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