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Orientation lock when loading all or setlist

I have a problem with the orientation lock. If you go into separate files and set the orientation lock it will go back to same setting for each file individually which is correct but whenever loading multiple files, like in a setlist. It will stay on what the first file loaded was set to.

Is there any fix for this?
It looks like I implemented the feature such that the orientation lock is applied for the first song in a setlist (as you witnessed), and does not take into account different settings for the orientation lock for different songs in the setlist. I believe I did this because I wanted users to be able to apply an orientation lock when a setlist is loaded without having to set the orientation lock on every individual song in the entire setlist, otherwise the orientation lock would be cleared when transitioning from the first song in the setlist to the second. So in order to support what you are asking for, I would have to change the functionality such that the orientation lock for each song would have to be set individually for the entire setlist. I could provide some kind of button to apply the orientation lock to all songs in the setlist at once, so that users could then turn it off for individual songs if desired, making this less tedious. The other thing you can do is go to Settings->Library Settings, enable "Automatically Load Next Song", uncheck "Always Load Whole Setlist", and then when you load the setlist by tapping the first song in the setlist, it will only load that one song. When you switch between songs, it will only load one song at a time, and will apply the orientation lock properly. You can give this a try to see if it will meet your needs. I'm open to other suggestions as well to both support what you are asking for while also not making it tedious for users to apply an orientation lock to an entire setlist.


Thanks for the answer! The solution you provided works perfectly! Thank you

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