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Touch action for previous/next in recent tab
Mike, can you provide this?

This would be nice for quick switching back and forth to songs which aren't necessarily in a current setlist.

I'd consider this useful for looking something up quickly (in my case for instance in a score and then switching back to the part I'm playing).
The "next" obviously only works if you used the "previous" before, so there could be a message "last in recent tab" if there isn't a "next".
That's why I stick with 3-button navigation and double tap on "App Overview" button to switch to the score open in another app.

Or alt+tab in Windows OS.
I can certainly consider adding something like that, although I'm assuming if you were at page 50/80 in a setlist, and you went to the next, then went back to the previous, you'd want it to resume at page 50, correct? That would mean in the pervious/next stack, I'd need to store what the previous song was as well as what page was open. 

Thanks and correct. MSP would have to be aware if the point of origin was in a setlist or a collection so that a normal "next" would bring up the next in the respective context.

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