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CSVFile for LDS "Children's Songbook"
This is a CSVFile for the LDS Children's Songbook used for Primary.
PDFs of most of the songs can be downloaded online from this link: https://broadcast2.lds.org/childrens-son...nload=true
Or clicking the zip download from this link: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/musi...k?lang=eng
Due to copywrite, a handful of songs are not included in the zip file. You will need to scan your own copy of them and add those songs to the rest for compiling. The missing songs are: "When Grampa Comes", "God Is Watching Over All", "Springtime Is Coming", "My Hands", and "Be Happy". The zip file is not perfect and a few songs need to be fixed before it can be combined into the final PDF. The file '2002-01-0830-the-hearts-of-the-children-eng.pdf' has an extra page (page 1) that needs to be deleted. Also the file for 'My Mother Dear' is wrong and needs to be deleted. This song needs to re-downloaded individually from here https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/musi...r?lang=eng and placed in the folder with the rest of the PDF files. (It should be named so that it will go to the right spot if sorted by filename.)

Once those songs are scanned/edited/redownloaded, all of the pdf files can be compiled into a single large PDF (ensuring all of the songs are in order). You should end up with a pdf that starts with 'I Am A Child Of God' on page 1 and ends with 'Distant Bells' on page 326 of the PDF. With that prep work done, the PDF should be ready to be imported using the CSV import and the CSVFile attached.

For those who scanned their own books (including all information/section pages starting with the title page) an additional column has been added at the end of the data. The header is named (pages2) so that MobileSheets will skip it by default. Changing the 'pages" column to something MobileSheets won't recognize (like 'pages not used'), changing the 'pages2' heading at the end to 'pages', and saving the CSV file, will make the CSV file compatible with your PDF file. Note that 'I Am A Child Of God' should start on page 8 of the PDF, the last song should be on page 305 of the pdf and the PDF should be at least 305 pages long.

For those who scanned their own books (but only scanned the songs) or who used the zip file of PDFs and deleted all of the duplicated pages (before or after compiling), another column has been added with the page ranges for that PDF. Rename the header 'pages' to 'pages not used' and 'pages3' to 'pages', then save the CSV file. Note that 'I Am A Child Of God' should start on page 1 of the PDF and the last song should be on page 284 of the PDF.

Hope this helps. Let me know if there are errors or typos.

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