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BeatBuddy Midi Messages
I have a BeatBuddy Rhythm pedal which I control using midi messages from MobileSheetsPro on my Android tablet. When a song is selected in MobileSheets, I have setup in the song so a midi message is sent to BeatBuddy to select the rhythm style and other midi message is sent to set the tempo. This works perfectly. However, when I return to the song library, I am able to manually select another Rhythm style on my BeatBuddy but the tempo is fixed to the tempo of the previous song which I cannot change using the tempo dial on the BeatBuddy. It appears that midi messages for the tempo are still being sent to the BeatBuddy after I exit the song. If I load another song that does not have any midi settings or exit out of MobileSheets completely, then the tempo on the BeatBuddy can be changed.

Is there a way to stop midi messages being sent from MobileSheets to the BeatBuddy when I exit the song and return to the Song Library.
I have found a work around to set the tempo in BeatBuddy. Rather than using "Start Sending Timing Clock" as the midi command in MobileSheetsPro to send a tempo command to BeatBuddy, you are able to do the same with Control Change (CC) commands. The benefit of using CC is the tempo command is sent only once to BeatBuddy rather than continuously using the timing clock. This means during the song or when you exit the song, the tempo on the BeatBuddy can be changed manually. To set a tempo of 109bpm, the CC commands are CC106  0 and CC107  109.  Please refer to the BeatBuddy manual under Tempo Control for more information.
Sorry I wasn't able to respond sooner. Yes, sending the tempo through CC commands is a much better way to handle this. In order to stop the MIDI timing clock, you have to explicitly trigger the stop sending timing clock message (which isn't actually a MIDI message, it's just issuing the command to MobileSheets to stop), which can be done with a smart button. I could do this automatically when switching songs, but that would mean that you'd have to explicitly add a "Start sending timing clock" message to every song in a setlist, which makes it very tedious to use.


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