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Some Ideas to fine tune the Metronome
I been using the metronome fairly steady for the last three months and I would like to suggest a few small improvements which would be helpful.

1- Volume

I run Pianoteq along with Mobilesheets on my windows 11 machine (Asio4all sound driver for Pianoteq, windows drivers for Mobilesheets)  and there is a substantial volume mismatch. Windows 11 has a a app volume mixer to turn down Mobilesheets, but it forgets the setting as soon as Mobilesheets is closed. For  the windows version of Mobilesheets, it would be nice if I could set maximum volume (about 25% in my case) in the options area, and then have the volume slider scale to that volume.

2  Beat subdivisions sound

Beat subdivisions play a different sound then the Fx beat, and while this has lots of  merit, (e.g., up beat, down beat) it would be nice to have a switch so the subdivisions will play the same sound as the beat. I often use double timings just to introduce a "think beat" into the practice, and I find a continuous FX sound better.

3 Types of beat subdivisions

I looks like it would be pretty easy to add swing beat subdivisions to metronome.  Instead of eights occurring at {0,500} out of 1000, a triplet swing of {0,667} would be helpful, as well as a slightly slower {0,617} Fibonacci (golden ratio) swing and a slow swing of {0, 559}.

Since asymmetrical beat timings like the swings listed above or waltz sways from 3/4 time are nonexistent on traditional metronomes,  I am not sure you would want to diverge from the norm. Maybe other people can chime in on whether they would find them useful?
Well, if we're asking for metronome beats, I'll piggy-back on this to request to ask for uneven rhythms like 5, 7 or 9 beats in a measure, but I'd like to hear the pulses, but not all the beats, so for 
5: 2/3 or 3/2
7: 3/2/2 or 2/2/3
9: 3/2/2/2 or 2/2/2/3 or 2/3/2/2
These all occur in Greek, Turkish and Balkan music.

I don't actually expect you to do this, as it's pretty complex for an app that is not primarily a metronome. Soundbrenner does this, but it's an external app, takes too long to find ones I set and I can't save a rhythm and tempo combo for enough individual tunes.
Wendy Cutler

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