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Grouping related files on Batch Import

Is there a way to automatically group related files in a single song in the batch import ?
For example: when importing those files:

Eric Dolphy-Serene.pdf
Eric Dolphy-Serene-Clarinet.pdf
Eric Dolphy-Serene-Bass.pdf
Eric Dolphy-Hat And Beard.pdf

MobileSheets should create 2 songs
  • Eric Dolphy-Serene: with 3 parts
  • Eirc Dolphy-Hat and Beard: with 1 piece

This could work with other types of files, ex. Eric Dolphy-Serene.mp3 should be set in the Eric Dolphy-Serene song (I haven't tested this case).

No, I currently do not support a way to combine PDFs into a single song when performing a batch import. This would require new settings/options in order to control this behavior. Given your example, you intuitively know that you want files beginning with Eric Dolphy-Serene to be grouped, but how would MobileSheets know where to draw the line between files that should be grouped and ones that shouldn't? Is it based on delimiters (you used '-' in your filenames, for example) and it groups everything that has the same values up until the last value before the period? This could get very complex given different examples. Does this all need to be configurable so that users can specify different delimiters and/or different behavior? All these questions have to be answered before something can be added. I would prefer to have something more open ended that can support any pattern, but that means controlling this would get very complex and regular something similar to regular expressions.

You're right. This isn't a trivial addition. But no so complex. I guess it could be added in a more general feature that would parse filenames in order to extract meta-data. Such as proposed in this post Import / Parsing filenames. For this latter, an easy workaround exists (a PowerShell script (that I'll be sharing soon) that copies all the files to the MobileSheetPro expected folder structure). But not for the grouping, as this feature does not exist. I haven't find a workaround until now.
For your info, the "-" is the separator used by MuseScore when exporting a score and its "parts" to PDF. It might be a common one in other Score editors.

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