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Add functions to smart buttons?

Here are two ideas that would help me when I play on weekends.

I use Smart buttons on my songs to start the backtracks.
I also use scrolling, but what would be better is to be able to start scrolling AND playing an mp3 with just one button.

So first off, it would mean adding the "Start scrolling" function to smart buttons.
That would be nice right there, even if adding two buttons is necessary, i.e. one to start mp3 and the other to start scrolling.

Secondly and even better, would be to have just ONE smart button do both, start the mp3 and scrolling at the same time.

Maybe another function for smart buttons, or some other way to achieve the same result.
When playing, I use three separate setlists. We are a duo with each our setlist and we alternate playing
between each of our songs, while the other accompanies on keyboard or guitar.
The third setlist is for guests that come to sing and we accompany them.

The function that would be nice would be to be able to quickly go back and forth between these three setlists instead of clicking "Setlists" at the top and then scrolling down to the other musician's setlist among the many setlists in my laptop.

This likely could be done with "Smart" buttons, but if another way would exist, maybe with a keyboard key combination, that would be OK also. For smart buttons, the smart button would have to be there for all songs in the setlists, which I don't know if smart buttons can be applied like that without manually including one in every song in the setlist.

For switching setlists, I also thought about having two instances of Mobilesheets open at the same time, but Windows (or Mobilesheets) doesn't seem to allow that, and I don't believe Android allows this either.

Anyway, those are my two ideas. I hope others could benefit from this.


This reply only covers switching between set lists

These are suggestions:-

1) merge the two main setlists into a single set list (alternate the songs) prior to the gig
This has merits as you don't have to keep scrolling within a list (probably not an issue unless your gigs are long)

2) If you want to keep the two/three lists separate then include a few spaces at the start of each set list name.
This makes the lists appear at the top of an A-Z sorted list of set lists. i.e. it eliminates hunting for the list in the gig.

After the gig, select the set list name, press the overflow menu icon (3 vertical dots) and Rename it without the leading spaces; this puts the list in it's normal sorting sequence.
When choosing a gig name, I choose something like "Gig_venue 2022-08-25"; this sorts them by the name of the gig and by date (you can then keep old lists so that you can reuse elsewhere or avoid songs in the future).

Using one or both of these methods means minimal inconvenience and does not require Mike to make changes to MS

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
Thanks for the reply, Geoff.

I had already thought of your first suggestion, but was trying to avoid that.
Our setlists are fairly long and we choose songs on the fly, the setlists are just sorted A-Z.
But I have to admit, it may be a workable solution that I may try.
However, it may make keeping setlists up to date a bit more cumbersome, but not a big problem.

The second idea is nice too and I may try that as well.

Anyway, my idea is out there in case others would like it.
This suggestion is more like "Pie in the sky" and not something I would expect soon.


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