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Sd card issues
Android 10. Loaded mobilesheetspro last year and is working great.
Backed up all files to SD card and now i can only access files if card is in. With card out I get file doesn't exist message. Read a few posts and can't figure out how change settings.
There are two settings that matter for this:

1) Settings->Storage->Let MobileSheets Manage my Files - This setting determines whether MobileSheets uses files from the original directory you imported them from or if it will copy the files to the storage location.

2) Settings->Storage->Set the MobileSheets Storage Location - This setting determines where MobileSheets will copy files if it is currently managing your files. 

If you have #1 enabled, then you can just switch the directory for #2 to one that is in the internal storage of the tablet instead of using the SD card. If you unchecked #1 before importing your files, then the process is going to get a little messy. Let me know if that is the case and I will outline what you will have to do to move your library.

I had #1 enabled. Having trouble finding internal storage location on Android Venturer tablet.
I was able to rename directory but still can't use without sd card. I noticed the delete original after copy is checked under storage options. Worrysome. Its seems like pdf's are gone or are not being found according to error message.
Please edit a song that loads correctly, long press one of the files on the files tab and let me know what path is listed. Also let me know what storage location you selected. I need to know if the same path is showing up for both or if something unusual is happening. If you go to Settings->Other Settings->Find Missing Files, how many files are reported as missing?

Path for song that loads(with sd card in)

This is the new path i set up. Under storage mobile sheets storage location current setting is 

No files are reported missing

When i go into set mobilesheets storage location and select sd icon path is


When i remove sd card and try to open a song it says
File/storage/emulated/0/songname.pdf does not exist.

One of the things Android added in more recent OS versions is the ability to use an SD card for the internal storage, which Google calls adaptable storage (https://fossbytes.com/android-sd-card-in...e-storage/). Did you adopt the SD card as the internal storage on that device? If so, you have to undo that and just use the regular device's internal storage. That is something you have to do in the main tablet settings, not in MobileSheets. Also, I would recommend using a subdirectory under /storage/emulated/0 - otherwise you are going to wind up with a mess of folders at the root of the storage as your library grows.


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