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Option to delete songs when removing them from a setlist
Very often, when I'm in a setlist that has two or three songs with the same or similar name (see View songs while adding to a setlist (zubersoft.com), and I determine which is the one I want, often the others are old versions that I no longer want at all, so I remove them from the setlist, but they're still in the list of songs, to create this situation again. To actually do the deletion, I have to leave the process I'm in and go over to Songs to do the deleting, then navigate back to where I was. So I never do that. So I have all these duplicates. Some have exactly the same name; some indicate different keys, but I can't remember which is the latest key. Maybe seeing a date added date somewhere would help. 

I should end here rather than try to solve the problem. I can see that an issue is that the old songs were in old setlists, so if I can delete the songs themselves when I remove them from a setlist, or when I am viewing them for inclusion in a new setlist, there's the issue of what then will indicate on the old setlists that that song was included. That really is a more general problem. Maybe what I want is an archive feature, available when removing a song from a Setlist, as well as from the list of Songs, that makes a song unavailable for inclusion in a new setlist but keeps it around so that it will show when it was played previously. I'm starting to like this, as the old notes would also be available. This might also remove the need for the View songs while adding to a setlist request.

I originally typed that maybe what I want is, when deleting a song that is an old setlist, something that asks me if I want to replace it with another (the newer version of) the song. This doesn't have the advantage of keeping the old notes.
Wendy Cutler

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