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Issue with [OK] button in selection lists
It's more annoying than funny: Often, when I edit song data, I select an item from the pop-up list of a field, but there is no [OK] button in the pop-up window to finalise the edit. Then I need to hit [select all] or [deselect all] to get the list anew - then with the [OK] button.

This happens in more than one field, but I'm not totally sure which all are affected. The "Genre" object selector in any case is. Mostly, the button is directly visible on the next attempt in that very field, but not necessarily for the entire duration of the app use. It may be that the game restarts on the next edit.

My MobileSheetsPro version is 3.6.2 according to the Settings menu. My tablet is a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e with Android 11 and One UI 3.1. But it alread happened before. I use the German language version.

Anybody else affected?

If ever you find that bug, I'd be quite happy!
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e with Android 11 / UI One 3.1 - AirTurn BT-200
I'll definitely need some help reproducing this one, as I've never seen the OK button not being displayed. Can you please take a screenshot of the issue and email it to mike@zubersoft.com?  Are you seeing this after tapping the dropdown arrow on the Import Settings Dialog or on the Fields tab of the song editor?

So, I made some experiments.

Obviously, turning the orientation of the tablet (portrait > landscape) automatically adds the [OK] button as well as hitting [select all] or [deselect all] (in German). Taking a screenshot automatically adds that button, too - but after taking the snap shot (Version C below).

It turned out that there are three variations of such a select window:
a) list without [OK] button at the end;
b) list with [OK] button at the bottom - comes when I hit [select all] or [deselect all];
c) list with [OK] button plus additional space at the bottom - comes imediately when opening the list a second time. That version follows automatically when having effected a screenshot!

For now, it happend with the Genre, the Type, the Keys, the Interpretes or the Composers field. Not with the Collection or the Custom field list. It's more often than I thought: It's reproduceable, I just need to close the edit action and open another song to get the same problems.

I'm not sure if that happens in the import mode, too. Usually, I encounter that problem when being in library view and starting to edit a song or when hitting the edit function while in sheet view.

Maybe, I need to add that I use an OS mode without the 3 Android soft buttons but gestures instead for the basic OS functions.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e with Android 11 / UI One 3.1 - AirTurn BT-200
One thing that is a little different about that dialog is that I expand it to take up 75% of the screen vertically so that more of the list can be shown. I'm wondering if this is causing issues on your device. If you want to test some experimental builds for me, we can try a couple things, including:

1) Not changing the height and just using the default dialog height
2) Using a smaller percentage such as 65%
3) Adjusting the height in a different manner than what I'm currently doing

That's about the only thing I can point to right now because most of the dialog presentation is built around Google's framework. That OK button is something Google sets up and positions, so it's not something I can control. If you want to test a few builds for me, email me at mike@zubersoft.com.


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