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Airturn BT-106 won't connect to WIndows 11
Anyone else having trouble pairing an older Airturn BT-106 Duo pedal to a Windows 11 laptop or tablet?  I know this isn't a MobileSheets issue per se, but Airturn Support didn't have a clue.

Pedal worked fine on this same laptop prior to the Windows 11 upgrade; now the pedal doesn't appear as a bluetooth device.  I've checked that all the Win 11 device drivers are up to date.  I've paired phones, watches, other laptops to this Win 11 laptop, but the Airturn BT-106 just doesn't show up. 

I've tried pairing the pedal with 3 different Win 11 laptops - MS Surface Book, Dell XPS and an HP Zbook. The pedal never shows up while everything else bluetooth pairs just fine.

Perhaps the pedal is using an old bluetooth protocol? - my tablet will only recognise BLE (protocol 4?).

In your case, the hardware obviously supports it but your Win 11 driver might not.

Try googling "win11 bluetooth protocol" for suggestions (not sure you need protocol in the search)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A6
I had the exact same issue with an Airturn pedal on Windows 10, despite the fact that the pedal had worked fine for years. I ended up selling the pedal to an iPad user and replacing with a cheap Cuvave Cube Turner pedal which worked much better across all my devices - Windows, Android and iOS. I never figured out if it was a pedal issue or Windows, I suspect Windows. But I had wasted several hours with Airturn support with no solution and ran out of patience. The final straw for me with Airturn was when they offered a full refund then reneged when I tried to take them up on it. Not cool. I'll never buy another Airturn pedal.

Good luck

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