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CSV columns

I'm sure there will be already a post with that information - I just can't find it! Could you please stick as "important thread" the following information:

What formatting is used to provide the single fields?

a) I can find "%TITLE%" als well as "title" and the like;
b) what is the difference between "pages", "page_order" and "PDFPAGE"?
c) how can I fill in a value for "Rating" (if that's the name of the field - it's called "Bewertung" in my German UI)? Is it 1, 2, 3... for the number of stars? (I would like to rate while filing the fake book - I often know the music, but not the titles, so I need to see the sheet music to rate if I know it or not)
d) what are the names of all standard fields?

Thanks a lot to any moderator to provide that information! Until now, I only copied other existing CSV files to get my own ones matching. That's not the ideal method as it's time consuming to find the right column names (if ever possible).
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See page 38 of the English manual, page 47 / 48 of the German manual
Several keywords have synonyms that work completely similar.
E.g. if you start with an exported songlist according to
you can copy the songlist definition keywords that are all enclosed in %...% (title vs. %TITLE%.
Uppercase / lowercase doesn't matter title / TITLE / Title / %TITLE% ... all should work.
pages / pageorder / page order are also synonyms
PDFPage is my personal extra. It's the startpage of a song. I get it when I start with exporting PDF bookmarks and usually keep it for later use. It is helpful for sorting the CSV file: sorted by startpage is useful for going through a book to add more information to a book, sorted alfabetically is useful for finding songs in case I want to add only a few songs from a book (what I usually do).
PDFPage is ignored by MSP, as any column with a header keyword that is unknown for MSP - a very useful feature of CSV import.
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Thanks a lot! So, I found the list of field names.

And I found out about the values for the Rating field: it is indeed a number - corresponding to the number of stars given. In a lot of cases, it's '0', though Wink . And just en passant, I found out how to display the rating right in the library's title bars.

Maybe, it could be a good idea to list the field names in the subforum anyway. Even if it already has its place.
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