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Clone library (for switching libraries)
I have to create new libraries for my other iOs device with not much space on it. Since I don't want to start from scratch
I created a new library on my other device and copied the db, renamed and so fort so I then could delete as many
songs from it as needed. I think it's trickier in the iOs sandboxes than on Windows and Android. But anyway:

Wouldn't it be quite simple for you to provide an option to clone an existing library directly from the switch library feature
which uses the same files of course but can easily edited to the user's liking?
Yes, it's not complicated to add that functionality, as it's basically just duplicating the database file. I just haven't had time to implement the changes. I'm juggling quite a lot with the three different versions, deployment issues that I'm having to resolve with the FastSpring version, etc, etc. So it's just about finding time after the current bug reports are addressed. I also need to add an option to move songs between libraries as that's sorely needed, as well as an option to isolate the storage for each library (which would create some interesting issues with "cloning" a library as then you'd have to choose whether or not to duplicate all of the library files or continue to share the same storage folder).

I'm humbly add my voice to a duplicate database function

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Hi all, 
In effects, also my library is going to be quite BIG, and having the possibility to split it in several parts would be a great feature, also with the option to move folders and mediafiles while splitting libraries.
And of course also the possibility to merge between different libraries would be great, so that one can arrange the libraries without having to mantain the entire archive active, so optimizing the device's memory.

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