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S-pen no longer works with MS
I lost my Samsung S-pen for Galaxy Tab 7+ for a while.  I bought a replacement (on Amazon, theoretically from Samsung) that seems to work on the basic Samsung stuff (notes, etc.) but it does not work on MobileSheets.  Any suggestions?  Thanks very much.

For what it is worth:  

-I have "Enter Annotation Mode with Stylus Input" turned on.  The S-pen does work to turn this on or off. 

-I have a little pen icon (inside a gray circle) on the screen for pieces.  If I click on this I apparently open a list of Android commands.  Those that are impacted by the S-Pen (Screen write, for example) allow me to draw on the open piece.  I think that tells me that the S-Pen is working fine with Android functions (at least some of them.....)

-I cannot get the Toolbar to open at all.  It used to open if I touched the piece with the S-Pen or even brought it near to it (hovering....?).

-Fingertip doesn't work to draw lines, etc. on the piece either.  I can use the S-Pen and my fingertip to move to the next or prior piece.

-Piece does not respond to 3-finger tap or 2-finger tap (or any taps....).  I think it responds to swipe from the bottom to enable the controls at bottom.
I responded to your email, but I'll also respond here:

Based on what you have described, it sounds to me like you may have performance mode enabled. To disable performance mode, tap the lock icon in the floating toolbar at the bottom right corner of the library screen. This same toggle can be accessed by tapping the bottom right corner of the screen while a song is loaded to display the quick action box. Then you should be able to enter the annotation editor with the stylus. Let me know if that is not the issue.


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