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Filtering to select tunes from different categories
Is there any way to construct a list of tunes by selecting sub-sets of items listed under two or more different headings? 

Example:  Under 'Collections' I have a list of Scandinavian pieces in the library. Under 'Genres' I have a list of types of tune (polska, mazurka, etc.).  Under 'Artist' I note the source of the tune.  Can I apply a search filter to identify Scandi waltzes by Jan Persson?  (Like when you look for a product online, and can filter by brand/colour/price range/etc.)
The short answer is yes, it's possible, but it's somewhat convoluted at the moment. This is something I do plan to address when I have time. This is basically what you will have to do to apply those three filters:

1) Go to the Genres tab. Tap "Waltz"
2) From the Collections dropdown, select "Scandinavian" (or whatever collection name you assigned)
3) Tap the dropdown to the left of the search field and select "Artist" and then enter the name of the Artist. 

I believe this should only allow songs under the Waltz genre that are part of the selected collection and have an artist field that matches what you entered. What's missing to make this easier is an option to join selections with an "and" type logic operator. Right now, MobileSheets always uses an "or" if you use multiple dropdowns (i.e. if you selected Waltz from the genre dropdown and a collection from the collections dropdown, it will show results for any songs that have that genre or are part of the collection).


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