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Constructing a set list including mini-sets.
In the folk music world, we often play tunes linked sequentially in twos or threes (a.k.a. sets) and I store these under 'Setlists'.  
However the common usage of 'Setlist' is for a list of items to be played at a performance.  Consequently, in folk music performances like barn dances, such a list would need to include the 2- or 3-tune sequences as if they were single items. 

Currently it seems possible to draw up a 'performance' setlist ONLY from single items in the library.  Is there any way of doing so that also allows one to select items from the 'Setlist' heading as well?

The only workaround I've found so far is to open all the items I'm going to need (whether single tunes or mini-sets) one at a time so they appear under the 'Recent' heading, and keep referring back to that as the performance unfolds.  Sort of o.k., but not entirely satisfactory.
Create your mini set lists as you want.

For a performance, long press the first mini setlist until a check mark shows
Then select the other mini setlists in the order that they will be played

With all required setlists checked, tap the three vertical dots at top right and select "Create Setlist from Songs"

For the setlist name, I use a format of "Venue yyyy-mm-dd". Assuming you keep old setlists, this means that the lists for each venue will be sorted adjacently  (using a-Z sort)
I prefer to put one or more spaces at the start of the Setlist name - this keeps it at the top.
After the performance, I remove these leading spaces to put the list in with other setlists for that venue.

After you have performed a few gigs, you may be able to just copy one of the old set lists when creating a new list.

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Thanks, Geoff.  Very helpful!
I would create what you call a "set" as one song in MSP song editor, add the files for both tunes to it and call that song "tune1 + tune2". For easy filtering define and set a tag "set" in source types.
If the scores for the tunes are small enough to fit on one page you can even show them together if you set "scale mode" to "fit width" and "display mode" to "vertical scrolling".
If desired you can have tune1 and tune2 also as separate songs in MSP or combine them with other tunes to different sets. All these songs can coexist in MSP sharing the same file(s) and can be added to setlists as you like.

This topic has already been mentioned in the forum several times. Maybe it's worth creating and sharing a detailed example.
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Mr. Moderator,
Here's a request for that detailed example you suggested. I couldn't tell whether you were meaning that you would do this or that Bazza, the original poster should do it. Either way, I'm brand new at MSP & don't know what I don't know. But I think I want to do what Bazza is talking about, except I don't understand any of the terminology in the manual. I've been reading through the forum for days looking for something I recognize & haven't yet found it.
I play Irish tunes, jigs, reels, hornpipes, etc. They are normally played as 2, 3, or more tunes in a row before ending & amongst Irish musicians, that would be a set. Put 8 or 10 of those sets together & you've got a setlist that represents what you'll play for 45 minutes at a concert, or the program for an evening's Contra dance.
I've used the snipping tool to abstract individual tunes from pdf collections of tunes which I now have as individual pieces. When I put them together into sets, I'd like to have all 3 tunes display on the same page when loaded. At the moment, I've only been able to see them one at a time, then turn the page for the next.
Thanks, J.P.

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