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Full Version: search for annotated songs
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hi all

is there a way to search for annotated songs?

For me the annotations in MSP are used to correct, and complete songs.
every now and then I will be correcting the originals, pencil, sibelius or Dorico
once corrected the song is imported again and replace last version.

This recently came up in another post:

I don't currently support filters to only show songs with or without annotations. That is certainly on my list of things to add though as it seems to be important to some users. Are you just trying to identify which songs have annotations, or are you wanting to do something like search based on the text in text annotations?


To handle this, I use a a Setlist with a leading space so that it appears alphabetically near the top e.g. " Redo".

After annotating a song during a session, I press the 4 lines icon (bottom of screen, left most icon of right hand group). This brings up a Set List screen; press the + and select the Redo setlist. Update your masters based on what is in this Set list.

Not brilliant but saves resorting to pen and paper.


I'd like to be able to search for songs which have annotations too. I need to check, and perhaps update, annotations carried forward from the earlier version of the annotation editor (I'll post more on this subject in another post soon!)

In my case, I don't need the search to do anything but find those songs which contain one or more annotations (usually highlights). I have no current requirement to search for different types/styles of annotation, or search the content of text annotations - although I can see that might be useful in some circumstances.

Thanks, Romney