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the ideal tablet for MobileSheetsPro
I have been using MSP since 2013. I have two six-year-old Hannspree 13" tablets that are slowly dying, and a new RCA 12" tablet. I could not find any 13" tablet at a reasonable price. The RCA is well built, runs a modern version of Android, and is much faster than the Hannspree. I paid $200 for each Hannspree (in 2013/14), and paid $190 for the RCA a few months ago. All three came with a charger, a jack for the charger, and an OTG jack that accepts my BiliPro USB pedal with an adapter; they all accept a BlueTooth pedal, and the RCA also has a USB Type A jack that needs no adapter for the pedal.

MobileSheets Pro is GREAT! It has every feature I want, and many more that I don't use. I currently have 1375 "songs" on my tablets (some vocal scores are > 200 pages); most are showtunes for sight-reading. I keep the primary copy of all music on my Mac, and make all edits and annotations there. I run the PC Companion app in a virtual machine and keep all three tables configured identically. I organize my music only by genre, with one genre for each group I accompany, plus general ones for piano solos (classical, pop, showtunes, ...). On the Mac each genre is in its own folder. That way I can re-initialize the tablet, re-install MSP, and batch import each directory with the proper genre.

Unlike most, I accompany several choruses, and have found that I cannot reliably read 4-staves-tall choral parts (S,A,T,B), so I play them into Finale as two staves (SA,TB); I then build a PDF with the 2-staves on top of the original 4-staves choral plus 2-staves piano part. That enables me to play all the vocal parts at full speed, any individual part, and the orchestral parts. I typically spend less than 20% of my practice time manipulating the score that way (without doing this I would be unable to be a choral accompanist).

I have found that I press the wrong pedal all too often. So I configure both pedals to PageForward, and manipulate the PDFs to only go forward (copying pages for repeats, and blanking out portions that are not played).

I want to display the music as close as possible to its original size.
  • Letter paper (8.5"x11") paper has a typical image size 7.5" by 10.5".
  • The Hannspree has an image size 6.5" by 10.7".
  • The RCA has an image size 6" by 10".
So some reduction in page size is inevitable. I am living with it. I am experimenting with using the RCA in landscape mode, one 6-staves line per page (or perhaps per half-page). That's twice as many page turns, but also larger images.

I have learned that my local public library has a scanner that is MUCH faster and more efficient than my 3-in-1 printer/scanner/copier. For classical music, IMSLP has had just about everything I have needed.

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