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the ideal tablet for MobileSheetsPro
In our current situation, i'd like to think that smart manufacturers would be finding ways of making cheaper tablets with inter-connectivity so that schools and other communities could work remotely. it's not just bands and orchestras that need to work in coordinated groups. I taught industrial technology in a community college for 34 years and many of our classes we had students working independently on their own equipment, or training rig, because it produced betters results. Each student had to perform all the tasks and the equipment had to perform to spec afterwards. However, being able to check with others by visiting their station was invaluable. Zoom can allow lots of interactivity, yet without contact. 
Our technical needs are clouded by the desire to have a universal device, a sort of Swiss Army Knife mentality, but that increases the cost. Single purpose tools often produce better operational results. The Leapfrog pads are a typical example. 
Both my children played in school bands, and hauling around the gear was major headache, if the band room had permanent digital displays interconnected via WiFi/Bluetooth, that would have solved many problems!
A Canadian aerospace company Litton Industries, was developing a flexible, roll-up digital display 20 years ago. They had not considered the musical implications at that time, but who knows what lurks in the back-rooms of that industry?
I wish you well in your search for the ideal.


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