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the ideal tablet for MobileSheetsPro
(06-16-2020, 09:27 PM)jeffn1 Wrote:
(06-13-2020, 02:55 PM)loonsailor Wrote: I received a new Airturn BT200-S2 today, and I can't get it to work with this tablet.  It connects, sort of, but nothing happens when I press the pedals.  It seems that the pedal is connected - it shows up in the bluetooth pairings list - but the tablet doesn't accept its input.  Same result in the browser and other apps.  They just don't see any input from the pedal.  I'll investigate further, and post here if I figure anything out.

Hello, loonsailor,

Any luck in getting the Airturn working on the Evoo 13.3 Android Tablet?


Exactly my experience with this paperweight. Bluetooth is not working on this tablet. Connects and disconnects constantly. Tried Developer mode/settings, changed to all possible settings, nothing has helped. I am a techie, code for the web, HTML, PHP, JavaScript, so I know my way around different systems and apps. 
I have tried four pedals with the EVOO 13.3 inch tablet: Airturn BT 105 and the Quad version, the Airturn PedPro, and Beat Buddy (this one is Bluetooth 4 version as I am using Yamaha MD-BT01 with it). They (pedals) work with my old Kindle Fire, and Windows 2-in-1, as well as an Ipad 2/OnSong app, so I know it is not the pedals. I have MobileSheets Pro on my mobile phone too, and that connects fine no problem whatsoever. I have tried majority of Bluetooth apps out there and though they say the EVOO is compatible and should work, it does not. Havent's tested a Bluetooth speaker with it, and even if audio over BT works, it is not applicable. I did try OTG cable and the lifesaver there is that the EVOO has a separate charging port, so can utilize the USB at the same time. However, for my setup, that means I would have to run at least two additional USB cables.

Today I am testing a Kindle Fire 10.1 HD latest model, 9th generation, may get it if it works. Need something cheap, and lighter, as I don't like the idea of bringing my 15" 2-in-1 ASUS and mounting it on a stand. Someone mentioned using a monitor tethered to another device/mobile/small factor PC, but then you have to think about connectivity, possible use of WIFI, etc. The simpler the rig, the less points of failure.

The EVOO is up for sale, not worth the time to fiddle with it, in my opinion. And did I mention it is slow? The software is laggy, loading of apps is slow, which is not acceptable for practice, let alone live performance. Just not confident in it's performance.

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