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Creating set lists from album
(10-16-2018, 08:12 AM)itsme Wrote: CSV import of single songs referencing certain pages of the same PDF full album file can be one possibility to achieve what you want.

My usage is like that:
- I prepare a CSV file for the album PDF
- the CSV contains one line per song, one additional line for the TOC and another one for the full album
- CSV import of "~CJB Fakebook 2.2 C (complete)" imports the complete album that can be paged through
- single songs can be selected one by one during CSV import and handled within MSP for use with setlists, collections and so on
The attached example _CJB_Fakebook_22_C.csv doesn't fully match the free PDF from
as that's an updated version. But it should be good enough to get the idea.
Note that the album PDF is added only once to MSP, all songs referencing it share the same file.

A number of CSV files are already available in the forum here:
If you create additional CSV files for other PDF fakebooks it would be a good idea to add them there.

I have no problem importing pdf files - including the CJB.   What I find inconvenient is that there doesn't seem to be a way to display tunes in a multi-page pdf file so I can try them out on the keyboard and then select one but not another to go to a set list. Instead if you select one, you select them all.  You seem to be proposing that I make selections at import.   But the import process dosen't display the tunes, only the titles.  I must not understand your point.Its not a big deal - its just inconvenient to only add to set list by the title list, not from the tune display.

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