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Deleting many songs by a list
I have in mind to move or copy all CSV files that are spread around in the forum here that way. But it has very low priority for me as there seemed not to be a lot of interest and participation.
And I also have a lot of CSV files sleeping on my computer waiting to be shared.
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To create a collection of songs not already in a collection, do the following

  1. Create a new collection to hold the songs
  2. Ensure the filter is visible
  3. Select the collection filter
  4. "Select all" in the filter and set the mode (at the top) to "Exclude"
  5. At the top of the right hand column, press on the"double left arrow". This adds all of the songs to the collection  eing edited

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Ah! The elegant solution! I already deleted them using the creation date sort and manually selecting them. This method did turn up some more orphans and one song that had a title several pages long! I tracked that down to one of the CSV files I used had one entry with both an unmatched single quote and an unmatched double quote in the song name and the import just made the rest of the CSV file the song name.


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