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Mobilesheets did not read the database and request a password

since the latest upgrade:

1- Mobilesheets disappeared from my tablet (message "not installed")
2- I re installed it from Google Play but it did not read the installed database, even after a check of the storage set up. The path was ok, the files in the right directory but...nothing displayed.
3- I restored the database from my PC with Companion: The database is now available and displayed but each time I want to open a score, MobileSheets requests a password to open it...
No idea of what is happening...
My Android is 4.1.1 and Mobilesheets is version 1.4.3.

Hello Voltrane,

I can't believe MobileSheetsPro would have just disappeared off your tablet. That is truly bizarre - I'm really sorry that happened. If it was uninstalled somehow, it would have wiped all of the application data off the device, which is why you lost everything. As for requesting a password, are these PDFs? Are they password protected? Have you tried switching between the Quality/Speed rendering under Settings->Display Settings->Render Preference? This would switch the PDF rendering library, so maybe one of them has problems with the PDFs that is causing them to think they are password protected. Let me know what you find.

Hello Mike,

Yes difficult to understand! I have been using Mobilesheets for more than one year without any trouble and yesterday...
All my scores are pdf and there is no associated password (I have a backup Samsung 10.1 tablet and everything is ok).

Well, today another behaviour: when I try to load a score, Mobilesheets collapses...So no password needed! http://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum/...s/wink.gif

Moreover,when I tried to change the standard storage location from internal storage to my external sdcard to see what happens,I get an error message "The card is read only". But it is not true because I copied the wholes files from the internal directory to the external directory...

I have also tried the Quality/Speed rendering set up  but as MS collapses I cannot see the result!

Could it be a problem due to the tablet? It is a low end tablet (Point of view 1335), its only quality, when I compare with my Samsung, is to have a 13.3' screen. I use it only to read scores with MS...


after rebooting my tablet, MS does not collapse any more...
But despite the setup change to speed I still need to provide a password...
I am seeing some very weird errors coming from your tablet in the crash reports. It would indicate that your tablet is either unable to load the PDF rendering library files or that the installation is corrupt. I hate to suggest this, but can you uninstall and reinstall the latest version? I released version 1.4.4, so maybe that will fix the error for you.

Hi Mike,

I have un-installed and re-installed and currently, all is ok...
Hello Mike,

sorry to tell you that it has happened again...
This morning MS displayed O score in the database despite the fact that the database was full of my scores and in the right path.
Even after I uninstall/reinstall MS, set up again the path the database was read as empty.
I had to restore again and it worked but I have lost every annotations and update since the last backup...
Oh no! I'm really sorry to hear that. I added an option to restore automatic database backups in version 1.4.5 - did you consider using that to revert to a working database file when the error occurred? I'm not sure if what you were seeing was a bad database file or a different error in the app that was causing the lists to not populate. Version 1.4.5 added database corruption checks when the database is loaded, so I'm tempted to think that it wasn't the database that was the error here. I have a large list of bug fixes coming in the next update, so I'm hoping maybe one of those will be related to what you've seen.

Hi Mike,
and yesterdays I discovered that some files were no longer available...and I had to reload them again...Quite strange!
So I think the safer way for me is to backup every evening because the worst thing is to lose each time all the annotations.
Well, I am waiting for the futur updates! http://zubersoft.com/mobilesheets/forum/.../smile.gif

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