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Items on RH Side of Screen Cant be Accessed

I have used Mobilesheets Pro succesfully on my Hannspree Titan 2 tablet for some years.  Generally very happy with tablet and App.
Recently I have been unable to select items on the right hand side of the screen when in portrait mode.  This includes the dictionary initial letter list
and the menu that includes the app settings.  I have moved the dictionary initial letter list to the LH side but, of course, I can't shift the menu.
It all seems to work if I turn the tablet 90 degrees to landscape.
Other apps seem to work as normal, so I'm not sure if this is a tablet, an app problem or a combination of the 2.

Tablet Model Number HSG1351
Android Version 5.1.1  ( newer version not being offered by Hanspree )
Andoid Security Patch Level 2016-05-01
Kernel Version 3.10.0
Build Number 20170117 _EU_13.3B

Any thoughts folks ?
Sorry I never responded to this post - if you try to access that side of your screen in different applications, do they register your touch actions? We need to verify whether this is an app-specific issue or whether there is a hardware or OS issue.

There are some tests you could try to see if it is a hardware problem. You say in portrait mode the right side of the screen doesn't work. If you turn the tablet round so it is still in portrait, but what was the right becomes the left are you still unable to select items on the right or does the problem move to the left? If it moves this suggests a problem with the touch screen.

If you go to your tablet home screen and turn it to landscape mode so what was the right hand edge is now at the top, does swiping down the notification area work from the top edge? Similarly in portrait mode can you swipe left and right from both edges.

And can you think of anything that has changed between it working and not working. Has there been an OS update? Probably not as it is quite an old tablet. Was it an update to MSPro that caused the problem? Or maybe another app.

Maybe something there will give a clue.

I know this topic is over a year old, but I have same issues  with two 13" hannspree tablets , we use in our band......   right side of screen no response..... I have stripped both tablets, looking for loose connections...to no avail....... I'm afraid it's a degradation issue  of some kind which is apparently common with the 10" versions as well......
And yet the samsungs are still top notch.......
The 13" was great for 6 yrs  so its had its day now....
I'm looking for replacements now....

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