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Editing Songs in Companion
I just started using Mobilesheets, and I really like it. In getting all of my music on to the tablet, I think that a couple of minor changes to the companion would make this process much simpler.

Double clicking on the song title should open the edit song window, rather than forcing a right click/edit song. That would be considerably simpler if one intends to edit a hundred songs in a row.

When editing a song, If I want to include the key (a neat feature-thanks), I click on the key box, then I have to search for the key in a long list. Often, the key I want is a ways away, and I have to use the slider to get to it. Using a keyboard shortcut takes me to the flatted key first, since it's in order, low to high. It would seem to me to make sense to re-order the key choices so that more common keys show up first with a single keyboard press. For example, when setting the key of a song to "G", I hit a G on my keyboard and it jumps to Gb, and I have to scroll down through Gbm before I get to G (or hit the "G" two more times). Song key entry could be easily simplified by having the order default to the major key first, then the minor, then various flats and sharps, rather than going low to high.

I'm not much of a programmer, but these changes would seem fairly simple.

Thanks for a really useful program.

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