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Annotations Request
I would like to request an option so that every time the annotations mode is started the default annotation is the Pen.

Here is my scenario:

I play in a group with a high intensity conductor.  During rehearsals he will stop us and give us a quick instruction of what he wants.  I need to quickly notate his instruction and then he starts up again.  I have MS setup so that a 3 finger tap enables annotations, then I zoom, use my finger to make the needed notation, and then 3 finger tap to exit annotation mode (and automatically undo the zoom).  This is all fantastic !!

Most of the time I am making notations with the pen, but sometimes I need to erase a previous note I made.  When I erase a previous note I generally forget to switch back to pen mode.  The next time I need to make a note I don't remember that I previously erased, so I start writing, realize that I'm not in pen mode, switch modes, and then resume making my note.

It might not sound like much of a problem, but things are moving fast, and it's really disruptive to try and make a note only to realize I'm in erase mode.

I know it's a minor issue, but you have perfected MS to such a high level that only minor enhancements are needed  Smile Smile

Thanks so much !!

I know some other competing products have this as an option (the default annotation tool to use), so I don't think you are alone in wanting this capability. I'm going to be working on a number of annotations related features in the near future, so I can table this change for then.

In case anyone is interested, I found a workaround for this until a default annotation option is (hopefully) added.

I set a 3 finger tap to enter annotation mode, and I set a 2 finger tap to select the Pen tool.

I'm trying to get into the habit of always doing a 2 finger tap after I use any tool other than the pen.  If I forget and enter annotation mode and the wrong tool is selected a quick 2 finger tap will select the pen tool.



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