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Program Change on my RC-600 looper via MIDI
Hello folks,

I have got an android Samsung tablet with Mobile Sheets Pro and a Boss looper RC-600.
The looper has got 99 memories, and I want the looper automativally to change the memory-number, when I scroll through the songs in MS. For instance if I choose "Yesterday" on Mobile Sheets, I want memory 45 of the looper to be automatically active. The loop mustn't start, only the memory location needs to be activated.

1. How must the devices be wired? Is it OK to connect the two units with a MIDI-cable with a USB-adapter for the tablet or do I need additional hardware?
2. How do I configure the MIDI channeld in both devices?
3. How do I configure the MIDI-command Mobile Sheets?

Any help or link to a tutorial will be highly appreciated.

Kind regards, Don
Hello again,

I found out myself. This video helped. It's about songbook, but it's very similar.

Kind regards,
No idea what a Boss looper RC-600 is ...

1) I have used a MIDI-cable with a USB-adapter for the tablet for exchanging MIDI between MobileSheets and a Yamaha keyboard. So I guess it should work with the looper as well.
2) There was no need to configure a MIDI channel on the tablet.
3) You need to find out which MIDI messages the looper requires to perform what you would like it to do.
And then enter them in MobileSheets
In 'settings' / 'midi settings' you can specify a midi channel to be used by MobileSheets.
In 'settings' / 'Midi connections', you can choose a MIDI library to be used by MobileSheets. I have always used the default, but some people needed to switch to an aternative library to get things working. Start with the default one, and choose an alternative when things don't work.

And finaly, you need to add the required midi action to the songs.
To to that, open the edit field for a song, choose the MIDI tab, choose the + sign to add the midi string, and verify that 'send on load song' is switched on. that will trigger Mobilesheets to send out the midi string you specified, whenever that song is loaded.

Good Luck!

Edit: oops seems we were posting at the same time.
Glad you got it working!
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Nonetheless, thanks a lot Rey_a for your detailled information. I'm sure it would have helped me a lot if the video I found hadn't already. I got it running on my RC-300 and my RC-600 loopers. If you don't know them, you may want to have a look at them. They are quite useful to me, nearly as useful as Mobile Sheets Tongue

Kind regards,

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