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Optimizing for platform (i.e. Kindle Fire)
Unlike some Droid platforms, KFire doesn't have a slot for additional flash storage, so it's best for Apps to use as little data storage as possible. I've looked thru the forums and apparently JPGs are better than PDFs for jumping to a specific sheet when there is a large number of sheets. But then I see that using vector graphics in a PDF (like Finale produces) uses the least storage for a sheet.

I've got 5 "collections" with a total of 800 sheets, from which I will build a set list with perhaps 30 entries. So here are some questions:

1) Currently I have JPGs extracted from big PDFs with many sheets. Should I make the JPG graphic size match the screen size (600 x 1004) for fastest rendering? Should I try to fix JPGs as B/W, Grayscale, etc. to minimize size and speed rendering? Any other suggestions for minimizing storage with JPGs?

2) Any suggestions for managing MetaData for lots of JPGs? Should I try to pull the sql database from backup file and back that up? Should I use PDFs instead so that MetaData is saved in the PDF?

3) Anyone know of an app that would convert lead sheet PDF/JPG to use the Finale vector graphics format (other than entering again into Finale and exporting PDF)?

TIA for suggestions/pointers.

1) I think making the JPG match the size of your tablet will definitely reduce file size, and will make it render slightly faster. The tablet will have to scale the image no matter what though, as amount of available space for the image isn't actually the whole size of the tablet screen (there is the bar at the bottom that can't be removed with your home/back buttons). I would say scale it down as much as you can before you aren't happy with the quality. If you have no need for color, using grayscale is a great option too.

2) Managing metadata for lots of JPGs should be no different than PDF. Each song entry contains all of the metadata, not the files themselves. This is all in the database of course. I currently don't have an option to back up just the database, but I absolutely plan on adding this as soon as I can.

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