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Jumping to previous sheet
I think problem in the original MS will need to be fixed sometime, since it sounds like you intend to keep it on the market alongside MS Pro.

I certainly do look forward to MobileSheets 5 being released; I have a concert tomorrow, and I know that it will occasionally switch back to the previous loaded song after I've started playing, making for an awkward correction.

I appreciate your effort and support,

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I do not intend to keep it in the market. Once MS Pro is released, I will no longer sell the original MobileSheets.

I get this all the time, when I wake the tablet up after sleeping with a song displayed. If I go Back from the current song and select a new one, it often shows the first page, and then in a second or two jumps back to the page it was displaying when I put it to sleep. So I go Back and select the new song again, and all is well from then on. I have never seen it jump to some other song in any other situation.

None of my songs have any annotations in MS; all are PDFs, and they often do have annotations or other edits by Preview (on a Mac), but those are just part of the PDF as seen by MS.

I can avoid this by remembering to go Back to the songlist before putting it to sleep.
This problem was fixed in MS Pro. Also, MS Pro loads songs much faster, and even has some fancy page new animations! Two-page mode is also a great addition. Great job, Mike!

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Thank you Kyle! It definitely was a journey getting to this point, but I'm loving all of the positive responses so far.

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