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What do you play?
(05-31-2013, 09:32 PM)cdawe55 Wrote: Sounds to me like you need to buy a decent tablet and then reassess an up-to-date version of Android. Smile
You could be right. I'll write to Father Christmas Big Grin
MobileSheets is completed for my use, I play the guitar (12 strings). I liven up(lead) moments of singings in my church.
Bravo Mike for this program which is very successful.

Sorry for my poor English, I am French-speaking and translated with "Reverso"
Sorry for my poor English, I am French-speaking and translated with "Google Translate"
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab A6
I play bass to make a living.. depping in various bands and playing in my own function band , and original funk band. MobileSheets saved my life!
I play double steel drums - mostly solo with back tracks. I use a Samsung 12.2 tablet and a Alto Bluetooth 15in 800 watt speaker and a Firefly bluetooth page turner.
As my name implies, I am a harper (vs a harpist). I play a traditional celtic harp not the big orchestral harps.  I mainly play Scottish and Irish music and perform both in local ensembles and solo at Scottish games.

I don't usually use MS when I perform.  I am much more comfortable memorizing my tunes for that purpose.  But I use MS extensively for practice and playing in ensembles or in circles.  
I am a professional violist, and I play in a string/piano quintet (two violins, viola, cello and piano/bass) with my four brothers. I can also play the piano at intermediate levels and have accompanied our group on the piano more than once. We currently play all types of music from classical to post romantic and even old re-arranged hymns all around central Ohio.
As a group, we call ourselves the Full Sound Chamber Group and our website is fullsoundchambergroup.com
We're currently working on getting much better, up-to-date performances uploaded to our website--currently it has some of our worst performances on it!

For our formal concerts, we always use paper as music, it is just simply safer. However, for our "gigs" we are transitioning to electronic music for multiple reasons:
1. Tablets are quite a bit harder to blow off of a music stand (outdoor weddings)
2. It is much faster to find a particular musical selection electronically than it is to sift though hundreds of pages of music.
3. Ring binders can only hold so much before they become paper binders; my tablet can hold more music that I would ever dream of playing!
4. In low-light situations (restaurants) paper can be hard to see, and stand lights are a pain.
5. In high light situations (outdoor in direct sun light) paper is too reflective, often making it painful to see the music without sunglasses--which are very out-of-place for a classical string quintet! My tablet has a anti-reflective coating, making glare less of a problem.
6. It sounds like MS will support master/slave control, which will automatically select the same musical selection across the group based on what the "master" selected, reducing dead-air.

Currently I am the only one in our group using a tablet for music, but as our repertoire grows we're going to transition to digital.
I am using the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 (12.2" screen). The screen is very good, and even in full sunlight it gets bright enough to play from. More on the Note Pro here.

Kudos to scoleman for starting this thread; I often wondered what the folks that post so often on the MS forum played!

Sent from my Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 with Tapatalk
I myself am a trumpet player, play the piano (self taught), and learning to play the trombone. I sing in 2 choirs and taking lessons to be a choir conductor.
Pretty busy weeks Smile
keyboards (Korg triton LE) and i sing.

i also play piano for church.

i just recently purchased a new Galaxy tablet and Mobilesheets was the first app installed.
Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T530NU model; Mobilesheets paid version;  Mobilesheets newbie;  Korg Triton Le, Roland FP-7, Privia PX-560M; keyboard player for part-time band;  vocalist;  play piano for church
I play piano semi-professionally (i.e. I sometimes get paid to play but don't make my living at it). I accompany three different choruses and small groups, and occasionally play with a symphony orchestra. I now use MobileSheets for rehearsals and performances, so I have two identical tablets and pedals (for backup). I probably stress it in ways most users don't, as I have a half-dozen vocal scores > 100 pages each; I also have > 900 songs installed.

Before using Android+MobileSheets, I built my own music display, using a RaspberryPi, a 16" monitor on its side, and a USB pedal. As it has such a wimpy CPU, I had to write my own multi-threaded code to render pages beforehand so they display immediately. So I understand the challenges of developing code for such a device. The user interface of MobileSheets is VASTLY better and I'll never go back to that old system.

I play my Vintage Calicchio S2 Ultra Trumpet in a traditional Dutch Fanfare Orchestra, Big band and Blaaskapel
I play the Repiano Cornet scores with my Besson Cornet in a Classic English style Brass Band (Lot of Salvation Army stuff, Hymns, Marches, classics, and also contemporary music)

So I play all kind of styles and I can't say what I like most. it goes from Pop, swing, latin and funk (Big Band) to Dutch folkmusic (Blaaskapel) to musical and film (Fanfare) and classical (Brass Band). All bands are just amateur bands and a very important hobby for me, if not a way of life! But at respectable playing level, especially the Brass Band is very demanding, near professional sometimes.

All in all I play quite a lot, sometimes 4-5 evenings a week. beside practicing at home.

With all these bands my bag with music has become quite heavy the last few years, so Mobilesheets comes in very handy.. I just started to use MS last weekend, now busy to scan all my sheet music.
Kind regards, Marco

Start using Mobilesheets since Februari 22, 2015
Scanner: Canon MG2450 All in one printer (cheap, but works fine)
Tablet: Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1"
Pedals: AirTurn PED (the new Bluetooth 4.0 (SMART READY) ones)
Member of Amateur bands HET/AlmaarBrass/JRBB, playing trumpet.
I've been playing bassoon nigh on 40 years, starting in High School. I've played recorders (have soprano, alto, tenor, lust after bass) since about then as well. I started playing bass guitar ten years or so ago.

Started looking for a sheet music ap when I saw a pianist using it and thought about the joys of no page turns.
I've played guitar and some harmonica for about 50 years, then over 18 months ago I started playing ukulele, and a couple months later went all digital for my music. About 5 months ago I started learning bass, I'm the second bass player in my ukulele group, but playing bass myself for an upcoming gig at the 1st Santa Monica Ukulele Festival.
Chuwi 13.5 inch, Windows 10

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